Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 5- Over the Lakes and to the Ladies

Here we are again. The end of another incredible day on the road. We left Gold Beach, OR early this morning and shortly thereafter crossed into Washington state on one of the longest bridges I have ever seen. It was 3 miles long in fact, I know because I made sure to watch my odometer. At one point the bridge was suspended just a dozen or so feet above the water, and when looking out to either side of me it gave the impression that I was almost riding on the water itself. It was a grand welcome for what turned out to be an an incredible day.
Rather than mountains and beaches, today was a day of water and bridges. We crossed over so many various bridges, both big and small, and passed a tremendous array of lakes, bays, rivers, and streams. It was a landscape, and a beauty, I had not encountered before. The green of the Washington woods and land around us only made the blues of the water that much more incredible.
We stopped for lunch at a small diner in a tiny little town along the way. It turned out to be quite good actually, and something that is a necessary part of any road trip. We headed out once more, only this time our destination was Olympia, WA to meet up with our wives. They had just landed in seattle and were in a car headed to meet us in Olympia. The guys and I rode into the parking lot of the Red Lion hotel to wait for the girls, and not even 3 minutes later, their car was pulling up and they had arrived. The timing could not have been better.
We now had 5 more members of the BBMC with us. Mandi Lee, Roleen, Pretty, Seejay, and my lady, Betty Boop. The Canadian Caper was in full affect now. After saying our hellos and welcomes, we hopped on the bikes with our ladies and were on the road again, 10 strong.
Our journey together through the forests, and alongside the lakes of Washington was incredible. After about 2 hours riding through this incredible landscape, we pulled into Port Angeles, our stop for the night. Tomorrow, we are going to board the ferry and make our way on over to Vancouver Island, BC. A whole new country of riding awaits, and a whole new adventure begins . . .

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