Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 7- From Sea to Sky

Our first full day in Canada did not disappoint. This morning Betty Boop and I wandered around Robsen street for a bit checking out this stores. After walking around for a bit. we hopped on the bike and headed over to Stanley Park. The park, think Central Park in Vancouver, was absolutely beautiful. The trees and scenery was so lush, it was areal treat walking through it. I posed up next to a big tree and spent some time studying. After all, 4 days after I return from the trip I have to take the California Acupuncture Licensing Exam, so getting some studying in on this trip is a must.
A little while later the rest of the group joined us in the park and we all had some lunch. It was a delicious meal in a great setting. After lunch we all explored the park for a little while longer, and then it was time to get back on the bikes. Back in the saddle and on the road again, we crossed back over the Lions Gate bridge and made our way north on the 99 towards Whistler.
The road whistler was absolutely incredible. as we made our way up through the mountains, the scenery just got better and better. In the distance, snow still covered the highest mountain peaks. All around us the trees and forest was an intensely beautiful shade of green, almost to the point of being overwhelming.
About 20 miles outside of Whistler, we pulled off the road to check out a waterfall nearby. It was amazing. Looking up at the falls was an incredible experience. It must have been ten stories high, and the power with with all of the water came rushing down out of it was incredible. It was the type of waterfall that had multiple levels, so the water cascaded down, exploding off of the rocks as it went, finally reaching the pool below. Just the sound alone was incredible, but when added to the fact that we were in a forrest, just a few feet from the bottom of the falls, it made the experience that much more amazing.
On the road again, we continued up the mountain towards Whistler. We passed by some mountain rivers, complete with rapids and raging waters. The blues and greens of the water as it flowed and crashed across the rocks was incredible. Just outside of town, we pulled over to see another waterfall. This time, rather than looking up from below, we were actually above the falls, looking down to where they crashed. Unlike the previous waterfall, this one was perfectly symmetrical as it aged over the edge and down to the pool below. It was another awe inspiring piece of art that only nature could create.
Just 10 minutes later, we pulled into the main village of Whistler. If you have never been here, it is a little village tucked into the base of some incredible mountains. During the winter it is an amazing place to come skiing, and was even home to the 2010 Olympic Games. After unpacking, we made our toast and gave thanks to the road Gods for another incredible journey.
It is amazing to look back over the last week and think of the incredible things I have seen and experienced. I am running out of words to describe all of this, and even words like amazing and incredible are loosing the ability to truly capture these experiences. Tomorrow, we head out to Sun Peaks, and apparently some of the most amazing riding in all of Canada. I can't wait, as I am sure we are in for another day of wonder and amazement, and even more indescribable beauty.

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