Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 8- Wow is the Word

The word of today is WOW. Without a doubt, today's ride took the Redwoods out of the top spot and became my best ride ever. In fact, to give you an idea of just how good it was, my dad who has ridden thousands of miles through some incredible places said that it was his favorite ride ever, and that is saying a lot.
We left Whistler in the early morning mountain air. It was chilly, but not too bad. We got back on the 99 and headed North once more. Riding up and into the mountains was absolutely amazing. All around us, the giant mountain peaks were still covered in snow. Below the snow line, the brightest shades of green imaginable blanketed the landscape. We passed by countless mountain streams, rivers, and lakes, each one more amazing than the last. The greens and blues of the water was mind boggling. Picture the Grand Canyon, put it in Northwestern Canada, and then you might have an idea of what we rode through today. The best way I can describe today's ride was as if we were riding through the pages of a National Geographic magazine. It was that good.
Seeing the massive mountains in the background, with the group riding in the foreground made me realize just how small we are in the big scheme of things. And yet, as small as we are, we have the capacity to be aware of our place in the universe. I am humbled by, and tremendously grateful for this incredible experience.
Passing over the mountains we found ourselves in the massive valleys and open plains. In the distance, we would every now and again see a massive waterfall cascading down the side of a mountain. At times, we were the only people in sight for miles and miles, tiny little specs in a giant mountain playground.
After an amazing day of riding, we arrived in a little place called Sun Peaks. I felt like we had been transported to a little swiss mountain village. The little town looks like a small skiing village you would find in the alps, and if I hadn't just ridden in myself, I would have thought that is where I was. It really is a beautiful place, and being surrounded by lush forest and mountain greenery makes it all the more better. Just breathing this fresh mountain air is a gift, and I will be breathing deep so long as I am here.
At this point of our journey, I have been on the road for 8 days, and ridden over 2,000 miles. Just when I think I have seen the most incredible sight of my life, or ridden the best road ever, we turn the corner and discover a whole new world of amazement. Today, we make our way to Jasper National Park, where I am sure my jaw will be dropping in amazement and I will be grasping at all the words I can find to describe this adventure I am experiencing.

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