Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 10- Poetry in Motion

After yesterdays ordeal, todays ride was truly a gift. I awoke to find blue sky and sun shining. It was a very welcome sight. We left the Northernmost stop on our journey, Jasper, and headed down to Lake Louise. It was absolutely a spectacular day. My wife suggested that the only way to really describe what we saw was with poetry, so here goes.

Day 10 began with the sun on our faces, so we set out to ride through wide open spaces. Up mountains we went, many glaciers we saw. The colors of things like nothing before. The turquoises and greens of the giant glacial lakes, struck with such beauty, I thought they were fake. Along today's journey we saw elk, goats, and bears! My face in the wind, I lost all my cares.
The journey today was truly a gift, and with each new view my spirit did lift. My heart burst wide open at the beauty, Divine. Out on the road, I lost track of time. With each corner we turned, or hill that we crested, the scenes were more beautiful, the previous ones bested. Past huge mountain glaciers, and rivers and streams, we cruised down the road, was this all a dream?
At one point my wife exclaimed, "Is this real?" And so I responded, "I know how you feel!" When I think back about these 10 days I've spent, the things that I've seen and the places I went. I am truly in awe of the beauty around, the smells and the views, the sights and the sounds. A journey like this comes once in a life, and I get to do it with friends, family, and wife.
Although today's blog may be short and sweet, I hope that it serves as a nice little treat. To convey to you the things that I've seen, the things I have felt, the places I've been. Our journey Southward has now begun, and with each new day, comes more and more fun. The people I'm with, great souls they all are. Together we ride, a family, by far. And as life is a journey, onwards we go. We ride like the wind, like water we flow.
And through this blog, to you I provide, a glimpse of the magic, on A. Mystic's Soul Ride.

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