Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I'll miss the road and all it's shown me. The ways it's freed me, the way it's grown me. My heart wide open, my Soul flew free. On this great adventure, this amazing journey. To those that I rode with, through the sunshine and the rain, I look forward to the time when we will ride again. And to those of you at home, who have read the words I write, it's been and honor and a pleasure, a personal delight. To share with you the things I've seen, the things I've felt, and where I've been. These words they do flow through me, I cannot call them mine, they've come from in my Soul, from somewhere that's Divine.
To my brothers on the road, the men who still do ride, my Spirit travels with you, to places far and wide. Stay safe my friends, ride on you four, enjoy the open road once more.
And now I'll share with all of you, a message from the winds, for as I rode and listened, they taught me many things. We are far more than our bodies, greater than we know, Spirits on a journey, and oh the places we will go. Each one of us has purpose, a reason we are here, and if you listen in the stillness, the answer you may hear. Live your life each day, don't give up on your dreams. No matter how hard, at times that it may seem. This life is sure a gift, a present from above. So live with Heart wide open, share with the world your Love.
I could go on for pages, and let these rhymed words flow, but sometimes short and sweet is the better way to go. This journey may be over, this ride of mine complete, its been truly amazing, its truly been a treat. And as one journey ends, so another one begins. I eagerly await, what this new journey brings. I thank you from my Soul, from the depths of my true being, for giving of your time, to read what I've been seeing. I hope through all these words, a glimpse I did provide, into the magic of my journey, A. Mystic's Soul ride.

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